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Climate Change Consultant

STAP is currently recruiting for a consultant to work on climate change issues.  The objective of the consultancy is to assist STAP in advancing its work in the area of climate change, in particular with regards to the ambition of the GEF to mainstream climate risk screening. The individual also is expected to provide technical support to the STAP Chair on a number of technical subjects. These responsibiltiies and outputs are described below. 

The ultimate results of the services will be knowledge products addressing scientific challenges in climate change relevant to the SCCF / LDCF portfolios as well as for the GEF portfolio more broadly. The specialist will also participate in the screening and quality assurance process of LDCF / SCCF climate change adaptation projects, and any other projects within their realm of expertise entering the project cycle. Additionally, the consultant will render a number of outputs (e.g., short reports) for the STAP Chair.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Support the day-to-day functioning of the STAP in assisting with the management, coordination, and administrative support to the Panel and being specifically responsible for the climate change adaptation portfolio of the GEF for the development and delivery of the STAP programme of work:

    • Provide high-quality services to the Panel member on climate change adaptation and the STAP Chair in the delivery of STAP's Programme of Work.
    • Regularly screen GEF adaptation projects entering the LDCF / SCCF project cycle for scientific and technical quality and overall rationale, as well as any other projects in the GEF Work Programs within the realm of their scientific expertise.
    • Assist in organizing and preparing STAP thematic workshops, documents and communicating them to the GEF partnership and beyond, including at UNFCCC COPs.
    • Supervising the editing, publication and dissemination of STAP papers, reports and other products.
    • Assist in providing support for STAP, through helping identify STAP expertise, and relevant scientific and professional networks.
  2. Help to organize and oversee the interaction between STAP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council, GEF Secretariat, GEF Evaluation Office, GEF Agencies, and respective Multilateral Environmetal Agreements by:
    • Following-up on STAP's contribution to GEF strategies and policies to assure that they are informed by best available scientific and technical advice.
    • Organizing and overseeing the distribution of project documentation, and recommending revisions to STAP's procedures for project screening as necessary.
    • Ensuring that there is adequate consultation between STAP and the GEF Secretariat and Agencies on their respective work on strategic scientific and technical issues.
    • Maintaining adequate liaison arrangements between the Secretariat of the UNFCCC and its subsidiary bodies for scientific and technological advice and related technical bodies. 
  3. Perform other related duties as assigned. The consultant will also be responsible for the following specific deliverables of the STAP Programme of Work.
    • Examine the utility and applicability of the range of climate risk screening tools currently available (e.g. who uses these tools, how are they being used, how are the results begin reported) through a qualitative analysis. A short report to present those results to the GEF partnership will be delivered.
    • Examine how climate information is being used to design climate adaptation projects, through a qualitative analysis using NVivo. A comprehensive report of the findings will be prepared.
    • Based on the analyses performed earlier, prepare a set of recommendations to help the GEF mainstream climate risk screening effectively across its portfolio.

For additional information or to apply for the position, please visit the announcement here.


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