IWC7 Roundtable: The Political Economy of Regionalism and International Waters

The Roundtable will connect the debate about the role of GEF and its projects within a regional political economy. The political economy of regions determines the behavior of individuals, markets and the public authority and is of importance for all GEF operations. The findings of the June 2013 GEF/STAP workshop held in Washington DC, hosted by the Organization of American States: ‘The Political Economy of Regionalism and International Waters’ will be presented and discussed. That workshop considered a draft Issues/Research Paper and representatives of regional organizations agreed that GEF should consider regional processes more systematically regarding project design baseline assessment, regional capacity building and principles for strengthening dialogue at regional level.

Goals and Program

Key Messages


Jakob Granit – The Political Economy of Regionalism: The Relevance for Transboundary Waters and the Global Environment Facility

Robin Mahon – Facilitating Regional Governance Arrangements in the Wider Caribbean Region

Anya Thomas – A Single Space for Transactions in the Caribbean

Max Campos – OAS: Perspectives from a Multipurpose Regional Organization on the Environment and Overarching Goals Related to Peace Justice and Security

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CBD 19th Meeting of SBSTTA

STAP will host two side events during the CBD SBSTTA:

  1. Assessing the Resilience of Social/Ecological Systems
  2. Understanding and planning for socio-economic effects of protected areas. 
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49th GEF Council Meeting

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STAP Meeting

Open session of the bi-annual STAP Meeting.

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STAP Meeting

The open session of the bi-annual STAP Meeting was held in the World Bank's Main Complex, 1818 H Street, NW, conference room, MC7-100, Washington, DC, and featured presentations and discussions on: the Science of Integrated Approaches, Socio-Economic Impacts of Protected Areas, and Climate Risk Screening.


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