The Fall 2016 STAP Update

I am pleased to announce two new publications that STAP has presented to the 51st Meeting of Council - Governance Challenges, Gaps and Management Opportunities in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ) and Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation. We hope the culmination of these efforts will help to initiate a conversation on the GEF's unique role in the management of marine resources and resilience of ocean systems, as well as in adaptation to climate change - particularly how adaptation can be effectively blended with GEF investments in other domains. Policy briefs are now available on our website and the GEF website, and final reports will be available before the end of the year.

The GEF will soon start gearing up for the GEF-7 replenishment process.  In order to contribute proactively to this key process, STAP has advanced its timetable for preparing its report to the GEF Assembly by one year. The Panel kicked off this effort at a retreat in the margins of UNEA-2 in Nairobi in May of this year, and has now advanced considerably in formulating the major studies and other components which will form the basis of STAP’s recommendations,  bringing on board additional expertise where needed. The goal is to have draft findings ready in time for the first meeting of the GEF Replenishment in late March 2017 and a much more refined product ready for the 2nd meeting of the GEF Replenishment in October 2017. Progress and summary reports will also be made respectively to the 52nd and 53rd Meetings of the GEF Council. The final report will be out by the end of 2017.

Over the coming months, we will also begin to see a few new faces on the Panel. I am delighted to announce our new Panel Member for International Waters. Dr. Andras Szollosi-Nag will be replacing Dr. Jakob Granit, who has stepped down to become the Director General of the Swedish Agency on Marine and Water Management. I am also delighted to announce that our new Panel Member for Climate Adaptation is Dr. Ferenc Toth. Over the next year we will be recruiting new Panel Members for Climate Mitigation and Land Degradation. On the Secretariat side, we are sad to say goodbye to Dr. Lev Neretin, who has left to coordinate the NOWPAP Regional Seas Office in Toyama, Japan. And goodbye to Christine Wellington-Moore who heads to UNDP in Bangkok to work with their Montreal Protocol and Chemicals UNEP program.   Please stay tuned for several new faces in STAP in 2017!   We very much look forward to working with these new team members and building on the solid foundation we have put in place.