Calculating Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Global Environment Facility Transportation Projects

The primary purpose of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is to generate global environmental benefit. The essential path for achieving this goal is the financial support of projects whose completion delivers substantial, measurable reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG). The more projects that can be brought to fruition, the greater is the fulfillment of our purpose, and the more profound is the positive impact on the environment. This effort is a collaboration between the GEF and those applicants proposing projects designed to yield these benefits. This Manual is designed to assist proponents in shaping their projects accurately and responsibly, and presenting them for consideration in consistent, quantifiable terms. The GEF is committed not only to supporting the national and regional goals of each group, but to extending, as far as possible, the results of these projects so that they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) on a global scale. Publication Date: January 2011 Authors: Walter Hook, Michael Replogle and Colin K. Hughes DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD TEEMP Models

January, 2011
Walter Hook, Michael Replogle and Colin K. Hughes