01 Dec 2022 News

STAP Chair's presentation to the 63rd GEF Council Meeting, 30 November - IISD Coverage

During the 63rd GEF Council Meeting, Rosina Bierbaum, Chair, Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), presented the Report of the Chairperson of the STAP, discussing STAP’s work to help streamline the GEF project cycle, noting a new, simpler Project Identification Form (PIF) template, a new set of STAP screening guidelines, and a new STAP screening template. She reviewed the reports the STAP will submit to the next GEF Assembly, noting seven recommendations:

  1. develop a clear risk framework;
  2. create an explicit and more systematic strategy for innovation;
  3. establish a GEF-wide strategy and implementation plan to address policy coherence across all operational levels;
  4. identify which co-benefits of GEF investments need to be tracked and a system to report on them;
  5. establish a knowledge management and learning system;
  6. include youth and other marginalized groups, such as Indigenous Peoples, in the design and implementation of projects; and
  7. prioritize the GEF’s engagement in external partnerships which can have a catalytic effect in transforming global economic systems.

Video clip of the STAP Chair, at the 63rd GEF Council Meeting on 30 November, 2022, presenting four of the seven recommendations that STAP will submit to the next GEF Assembly. (Video clip from IISD/ENB Diego Noguera)