26 Apr 2021 News

STAP at the NOBEL PRIZE SUMMIT: Our Planet, Our Future

The Nobel Prize Summit is a meeting for Nobel Prize laureates, experts, policy makers, teachers, students – about how humankind’s future on Earth will be achieved and shaped. Here you can view the Agenda for the upcoming session.

Previous STAP, Chair Tom Lovejoy, and previous Panel Member, Sandra Diaz, (Professor of Ecology at Córdoba National University and senior member of the National Research Council of Argentina) will have a conversation April 26 at 10:45 in the session “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

Current STAP Chair, Rosina Bierbaum, will facilitate two of the Academic Science sections.

April 27: Science Supporting Transformations towards Global Sustainability

April 28: Towards Sustainable Futures: Governance, Inclusiveness and Stewardship