Managing Soil Organic Carbon for Global Benefits

The natural environment is a dynamic, integrated system of processes which fuse together to create the basis of life on the planet. Soil is one of the most vital and necessary components of this system – particularly through its interactions in climate change processes, water management and terrestrial ecosystems. The STAP Publication on Managing Soil Organic Carbon for Global Benefits presents a well grounded overview of the current technical and scientific knowledge of soil organic carbon. It highlights how soil organic management should be an important component of future strategy for the Global Environment Facility and for sustainable development, both as an effective method of climate change mitigation and as a crucial component in addressing global food security. Please note however, that whilst this document may provide a scientific underpinning of the topic, it is not intended to focus on all aspects of SOC dynamics in detail. Rather it should be used as a knowledge tool in the implementation of optimal SOC Management within various agro-ecological systems. Publication Date: August 2013 Authors: Gerard Govers, Roel Merckx, Kristof Van Oost and Bas van Wesemael DOWNLOAD

August, 2013
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Gerard Govers, Roel Merckx, Kristof Van Oost and Bas van Wesemael