STAP Chair's Report at the GEF Agency Retreat, 1 April 2020

At a virtual retreat on 1 April, Rosina Bierbaum, the STAP Chair, made a presentation to the GEF agencies on how STAP and the GEF secretariat screen for climate risk in reviewing GEF projects.

This exemplified what STAP and the GEF secretariat look for in response to the four questions on climate risk in STAP's screening guidelines (June 2018):

  1. How will the project's objectives or outputs be affected by climate risks over, not just the implementation phase, but 2020 to 2050, and have the impact of these risks been addressed adequately?
  2. Has the sensitivity to climate change, and its impacts, been assessed?
  3. Have resilience practices and measures to address projected climate risks and impacts been considered? How will these be dealt with?
  4. What technical and institutional capacity, and information, will be needed to address climate risks and resilience enhancement measures?

Dr. Bierbaum's presentation, and the exemplified guidance are below.

Report:  GEF Agency Retreat: guidance on climate risk screening of GEF projects

Presentation:  How the GEF Secretariat and STAP Screen for Climate Risk

The exemplified guidance includes an annex which provides examples of climate-related risks in each GEF focal area.

See also: STAP's climate risk guidance (June 2019).


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