The Evidence Base for Community Forest Management as a Mechanism for Supplying Global Environmental Benefits and Improving Local Welfare

 Community forest management (CFM) initiatives comprise a range of efforts to involve people who live in and around forests in forest management decisions. CFM initiatives often vest in communities some degree of decision-making power over forest management and rights to the benefits from such management. These initiatives are expected to result in more effective forest management, which is expected to help conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services and contribute to poverty reduction and economic development. CFM initiatives are common components in GEF-funded projects aimed at sustainable forest management and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services outside of government-managed protected areas. This advisory document summarizes the evidence base for the effectiveness of CFM initiatives in generating global, national, regional and local environmental benefits. It also summarizes evidence related to the socioeconomic impacts on participants. It was reviewed by two external reviewers, STAP panel members and STAP Secretariat staff.

Publication Date: September 2010 Authors: Diana Bowler and Andrew S. Pullin DOWNLOAD

September, 2010
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Diana Bowler and Andrew S. Pullin