Sustainable Forest Management

STAP Guidance on Implementing the new Work Program

The purpose of this paper is to advise on scientific and technical issues that should receive high priority in the development of activities in SFM. The advice is based upon a consultation amongst STAP members. It develops ideas for SFM already submitted by GEF agencies (e.g. FAO) and the UNFF Multi-Year Programmes of Work and Plan of Action (UNFF-6 and UNFF-7). This paper focuses on scientific issues that must be addressed, in the opinion of STAP, in order to deliver and to verify GEBs. There are a number of other issues in SFM that will require development by the GEF. STAP offers its services to consider these further. They include: the meaning of mainstreaming biodiversity in forest management; the development of sustainability criteria for biomass production from wood products; and the development of an evidence base for community-based sustainable forest management and other popular approaches to SFM.

Publication Date: October 2007 Authors: Paul Ferraro and Michael Stocking DOWNLOAD

October, 2007
Paul Ferraro and Michael Stocking