Rosie Cooney

Dr. Rosie Cooney is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist working at the interface of conservation science, policy and practice. She has extensive experience working for leading global nature conservation NGOs, a research background in wildlife management and governance, and has held a number of leadership and advisory positions in UN bodies, including the United Nations Secretary-General's Science Advisory Board and the Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife. She was a lead author in the IPBES regional assessment for Asia-Pacific. She has particular experience in mobilising global transdisciplinary explorations of complex biodiversity conservation issues, and her specific areas of expertise include sustainable use of wild resources; community conservation and natural resource management; legal and illegal wildlife trade; integration of rights, livelihoods and knowledge of indigenous peoples and local communities; natural resource governance; conversation policy; uncertainty and the precautionary principle in conservation practice. The majority of her work has focused on issues in African, Central/Southeast Asian and Latin American countries and Australia, in close collaboration with in-country individuals and organisations (including from governments, private sector, NGOs, and indigenous peoples/local community organisations), bilateral agencies, and multilateral organisations.

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Panel Member on Biodiversity
December, 2018