Career Opportunities

STAP is currently seeking two panel members, one to lead on International Waters and the other on Climate Change Mitigation, both with outstanding academic and technical credentials; a passion for tackling global environmental and sustainable development challenges; expertise in the International Waters and Climate Change Mitigation, respectively; and the ability to work in an interdisciplinary, integrated manner to bridge scientific, technological, economic, social, and policy issues.

Panel Members provide intellectual leadership in their particular area of expertise, and are expected to work effectively across the GEF’s activities, including advising on cross-cutting issues and integrated programming, i.e. outside their area of expertise. Panel Members also contribute to the development and implementation of the Panel’s annual work plan.

Panel Members are expected to work up to 65 days a year, remunerated based on standard UN rates for expert consultants. Appointments are for two years and may be renewed for a further two years.

Applications by candidates from developing countries, particularly qualified women candidates, are strongly encouraged.

The closing date for applications are 13 September 2022.

For more information on this opening, or to apply, please visit this link.


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