Career Opportunities

STAP is currently recruiting two new Panel Members – one for Climate Change Adaptation and a second for Land Degradation.

Each candidate should have outstanding academic and technical credentials, a passion for tackling global environmental and sustainable development challenges and should demonstrate the ability to work in a transdisciplinary manner that integrates environmental science, social science, and policy to address complex socio-ecological problems. 

Panel Members provide intellectual leadership in their particular area of expertise, and they are expected to work effectively across the GEF’s focal areas, including advising on cross-cutting issues and integrated programming outside their area of expertise.

Panel Members provide intellectual leadership, innovate and formulate advice at the highest-level that may challenge conventional thinking, and bring scientific rigor on strategic, thematic, and operational issues of the GEF.  They undertake their individual activities and responsibilities proactively, and as part of a team, to advise the GEF about scientific and technical issues across its entire portfolio.  They steer STAP advice towards analyses of contemporary environmental challenges and formulation of strategic options for consideration by the GEF Council.  Panel Members are responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of STAP’s annual Work Plan, which is adjusted periodically to reflect changing priorities and new tasks.

To read more about Panel Members’ responsibilities, or to apply, please visit:

  1. STAP Panel Member for Climate Change Adaptation
  2. STAP Panel Member for Land Degradation



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