Screening projects

STAP has a responsibility in ensuring the scientific and technical soundness of GEF projects. To fulfill this function, using specific guidelines, STAP screens GEF programs, full-sized projects, and, occasionally, medium-sized projects with applied research components. The intent of STAP screens is to add value to programs and projects, and provide quality assurance at an early stage in the GEF project cycle to the GEF Council.

STAP produces a screening report for the Project Identification Form, and Program Framework Documents. The screening reports form part of the official public record of GEF project reviews, and they are provided to the GEF Council, Agencies, and Secretariat. The reports also are made available in the GEF portal, and on the GEF Work Program.

For further information on STAP’s roles and responsibilities in the GEF project cycle, refer to the GEF’s “Guidelines on the Project and Program Cycle Policy ”.